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The author published this entry on Monday 09 February, 2009 at 6:53 pm.

Fine, This One Is About You

Fine, This One Is About You

I promised to paint something for her
She was the only one who ever asked
She’s married now
has a child she loves like she used to love alcohol
and the backyard confessions it birthed.
Don’t be ashamed, I never felt so handsome.

I see it in your eyes, every blurry morning
staring out at me from the fridge
(Merry Christmas, Our Family to Yours)
a deadness, clearly claiming:
Mistakes were made.

So why these obvious signs
of boredom as I lead you
to the back of your house
(Home) to the bedroom
stepping over Bratz dolls
sweeping aside pink plastic saucers.

What, you thought I was here for the tea?

This would be so much easier
if it was dark outside
If we were drunk or stoned, or both
oh babe like we always were
before the apocalypse of our youth.
No, no, take it back, it was
more sunset than cosmic catastrophe.

But seriously, please, we’ve gotta get
Somehow (anyhow) outside of ourselves–
Look, I know, I keep bringing it up
but I’m so goddamn scared
I’ve never been anywhere
without chemical guides
Shaman Pharmaceuticals
Unless you know
of some other way out?
My world, it’s ending
Or worse,
Just beginning.

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  1. SH, in this case, Stacey Harman. 05 March, 09 @ 6:48 pm

    dh, so well written. im loving this. not just this but all of it. keep it coming.

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