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The author published this entry on Saturday 31 January, 2009 at 7:26 pm.

From David to the Pharmaceutical Goliaths

From David to the Pharmaceutical Goliaths

To Whom It May Concern
Please bring to market-battle
a pill for Anomie.
We’ve got one for everything else.
Everyday in my inbox, promises of penile enhancement
Funny word–more penal system or pianist
than male sex organ.

OK, Mr. Merck, if your impotent market research
shows declining demand for doping
unrest and alienation (personal and societal)
How about diverting a few of your billions
to a non-profit promoting the re-capitalization
of Melancholy.
Depression is too linked to the economic.

And what I feel upon waking has nothing to do with money.
(please scream this next one) Nothing.
I know, hard for you to fathom, nothing to do with
Profit or Loss or Earnings or Options or Depreciation
it’s just a feeling ok, a Feeling
Do you even have those?
Stop amortizing everything I say.

With all due respect, Ma’am
Do you realize what you’re asking of us?
Have you tried this yourself, Sir?
Giving over your life
to a diamond of compressed white crystalline powder
half the size of a pea, much less alive
So small in my hand, so tiny
as incidental as breakfast
Looking down, knowing
this pill is my Shield
this pill is my Slingshot.
Duck MotherFuckers.


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