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The author published this entry on Wednesday 21 January, 2009 at 6:44 pm.

This One Isn’t About You Either, or, $1.77

This One Isn’t About You Either, or, $1.77

I know I said I’d write one about you
one day
or worse, promised someone else would
outsourced the fitting flattering descriptions,
a touch of the flowery, never crossing the
line you use to protect yourself from aesthetes.

I apologize for my cowardice.
Now will you say you’re sorry
for keeping those at arms length
who have a sensitivity to the beautiful?

Besides Also However
If I were to write one about you
I wouldn’t tell you it was about you.
Be forced to admit how beautiful I think you are
Doesn’t even make sense
Your compulsive need for
Have no real interest in giving you
Need too much on my own

I’d have to admit too
I can draw the comely pattern of your dress
know how your skin felt underneath it
from over top of it
and how you tasted like raspberries

Later, too later, found out, ha
it was only your dripping lip gloss
so sticky-sweet, so addictive.
Wonder how many of us have confused
artificial flavoring for pheromones?
Some underpaid Chemist our Cupid

Fucking hysterical now though
A taste I gave up everything to taste again
threw us all away for
I could have bought at the drugstore
for a lousy
one dollar and seventy-seven cents.

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  1. anne 23 January, 09 @ 5:48 pm

    devastating. beautiful, too.

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