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The author published this entry on Thursday 19 January, 2012 at 8:03 pm.

Once Brilliant, Twice Shy

Once Brilliant, Twice Shy

Why does Anna Beth
keep her socks on?
Because she’s embarrassed of her body?
Because she’s a teenager with circulation problems?
Why does it matter that Meredith
a ballerina in Cleveland
a part time prostitute in Los Angeles
is now a zealot mother in Flagstaff
bathing her babies in Purell?
Why were we
Washing Wine Glasses in the Morning
nursing our shame-overs
scrubbing at lip stick stains.
It seems like good enough advice
but why must I
Allow Endings?

These notes to myself.
Collected in the two dimensional “cloud”
(which I still can’t explain to Grandpa)
gathered from torn leaves of dead trees
Dazzling enough to wake me
to yank the steering wheel
to pretend I’m listening
or care.

Disintegrating bits
from the organic electrical mind, man
the detritus of a poem
not a dying art
but art dying
a mass grave of words,
the few survivors
going towards and the light
singing I’m going to meet my maker
meet my maker
I’m going to see my baby
see my baby
see my baby now.

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