Fighting Irony: entry

The author published this entry on Saturday 26 March, 2011 at 8:02 pm.

Look Southward, Angel

Look Southward, Angel

The art gallery’s now a weed store
two doors down from another weed store
My barista? Some hipster prostitute
leaning over the counter in her cardigan
doing her best American Apparel ad
Approximating pedophilia
post feminist post ironic post post office
I said barista.

Give me Waffle House Wanda
Break out the garden hose at shift change
Blast away the hashbrown bits
scattered, smothered, covered
Down the drain
with gut rot grinds
and today’s regrets

Someone please distract me from
all the cool kids today.
Before I trade in my hybrid for a pick up
and drive home to diners, dealers
and Dad.

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