Fighting Irony: entry

The author published this entry on Saturday 04 September, 2010 at 11:19 pm.

Only a Fool.

Only a Fool.

Today I decided to wait for inspiration
before starting Important Things
deciding what freedoms to abandon
in pursuit of meaning.

Coffee Shop:
A child devouring an iced cookie–
guilt free taste of sugar
in a timeless summer.
The curls of the hyperactive toddler
Her mother’s gray springs
Only dead cells sprouting from a skull.

A radiation bald Hitchens
his brother Martin Amis
eternal sparring partners
in this corner: Atheist
in the other: Agnostic.
We’re all dying.

The Klimt poster absorbs the sun
where blinding reflection should be
a poor facsimile of a transcendent
painting made dorm room staple.
I can’t paint without a projector–
“Adult Tracing” she calls it
like an artist’s steroid scandal
Performance enhancing, that projector
I wish I never gave you that painting.
You hung it above your shitter
then donated it to Goodwill.

In bed I protect my heart with the
heavy biography of Raymond Carver.
Exhausted by the abuse
of alcohol
of wife.

Running through the woods
from an old neighborhood crush
and yesterday’s tomorrow
and tomorrow
and tomorrow.

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