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If it Ain’t Don’t

If it Ain’t, Don’t I used to be so angry. My watercolor skies dripping red my favorite orange, Blood. My stakes deep in the grassy ground defended with sweat sweeping gestures of passion. Woe be it to the boys, girls, dogs whose only mistake was wrong place wrong time my clinched jaw, my gnashing teeth [...]

Only Sound I Hate More

Only Sound I Hate More than the ticking of a clock; the thud of our minivan’s door as I drop you off at the airport.

Her and Him / Bipolar Beauty / Creative Promises

Her and Him / Bipolar Beauty / Creative Promises Well hell There goes my day Her and him blocking the sidewalk cafe Wearing: promise rings, skinny jeans His cheese plate breakfast, her morning macchiato too pretentious for rhyme. If that wasn’t enough to lose the Muse Bipolar Beauty to their left Still incredulous about that [...]

Fine, This One Is About You

Fine, This One Is About You I promised to paint something for her She was the only one who ever asked She’s married now has a child she loves like she used to love alcohol and the backyard confessions it birthed. Don’t be ashamed, I never felt so handsome. I see it in your eyes, [...]

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